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adding RDSH servers to a collection results in an error

So i was adding a few newly installed Win12R2 RDSH servers to a session collection when it gave me an error Unable to configure the RD Session Host server

After that, the server manager spit out an (unusable) error: System.Management.ManagementException: Generic failure.. etc.etc.

Retrying, crashed the server manager. Afterwards, the servers are added to the collection and everything seems fine. But somehow I rather don’t have that kind of errors in my deployment.

As it turns out, it couldn’t handle one of the GPO settings. Moving the RDSH servers to the “Computers” container in AD, rebooting the servers, adding them to the session collection it worked fine. Seems the server manager can’t handle one of the GPO settings already in place.

We install our servers with WDS and one of the task sequences, is putting them in a _NewServers OU. Which gives them a set of default GPO’s with settings like

  • Turning UAC off (by reg key EnableLUA=0) for our servers
  • Turning IPv6 off (by reg key DisabledComponents=255)
  • Turning off listening to remotekeyboard settings (by reg key IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout=1)
  • “Do not display Server Manager automatically at logon”=Disabled
  • “Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer”=Enabled with path set
  • “Set path for Remote Desktop Services Roaming User Profile”=Enabled with path set
  • “Use IP Address Redirection”=disabled
  • “Use RD Connection Broker load balancing”=disabled
  • wsus settings enabled en configged
  • default domain gpo set

Which of these settings caused this, I’m not sure and you are welcome to spent a day of your life figuring it out, for me it’s another one of those annoyances with the servermanager (I really hate that tool).

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