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I was on the Nextcloud conference

So I went to the Nextcloud conference to speak about scalability. It should have been a kind of debate (they call it a lightning talk) where you present a few questions and the people in the room can openly debate the subjects. But It was bumped up to a full session together with the founder of Nextcloud. It took me all of Thursday night (no sleep) to get all the slides ready, but I got it done. The whole thing was filmed, so after editing I will make the video publicly available.

Frank and I were very pressed for time, so we had just emailed a few times and mailed him the slides just Friday morning. I only talked to him for 10 words or something before we went to present. I had compiled a list of questions because I was afraid the session would be over too soon. I had a lot of questions up front, so I figured to put all of them in and every other question I could think of.

But It ended up being way too much questions and roused a lot of debate in the room, so the session ran for an hour more than planned. Afterwards the announcement for the Nextcloud box was made and the Jane Silber, the CEO of Canonical  was there to announce it. I’m afraid I kept them waiting! So if you read this, sorry!  😀

edit: you can view the session here:




Also Jane was very nice to sign 2 of my T-shirts!

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