360 ICT 
reliability guaranteed

360ICT manages your entire infrastructure, from servers and networks, to the individual work places and peripheral equipment. Also with regard to optimising and expanding existing ICT services, we can be your ICT partner. 

Delivery of hardware and software

360ICT not only gives advice on the necessary hardware and software, we can also deliver it. In order to guarantee the very best service, we only work with high-end brands. We are certified partner of Dell, Microsoft, Sophos Astaro (Firewalls), Kemp (Load balancers) and Power Admin (Server Monitoring Software), but we also deliver hardware and software of other brands.

With regard to the purchase of hardware and software, you have two options:

  • You buy the hardware via 360ICT and get the support and assistance from us.
  • 360ICT mediates in the purchase, but you buy directly from a supplier of your preference. If desired, your own administrators can provide the support and assistance.

Our working method

We focus on making sure the end user can always do his or her job. If, at first, you need to realise a “workaround” to ensure the end user can continue with his/her work, then that is nothing to be ashamed of and a structural solution will be developed behind the scenes.

Because our system administrators are working on location 100%, they have detailed knowledge about the client’s situation. They are in the best position to respond to and think along pro-actively about your ICT matters. Because they are embedded in your organisation, they can be considered more as a colleague than as a supplier.

Management guarantee

360ICT prefers to work with "fixed prices" as much as possible so that it is clear in advance what the costs are. We can deliver this guarantee because we have enormous experience in ICT, are confident about what we do, and want to build and maintain a good relationship with our clients.

360ICT delivers not a carefully setup service, but rather provides direct results. Everything is aimed at achieving optimal performance and availability. And with that, we intend to comply with the SLAs you require, but in practice, our strength can be found in exceeding your expectations.

Clear view on ICT