360 ICT 
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Project management

Leading a complex ICT project requires the multi-disciplinary skills of a project manager. He or she should not only have good technical knowledge, but at the same time be able to manage the process. 360ICT’s project managers speak the language of both the technicians and management. This way, they realise manageable ICT projects in which intended performances, costs and schedules are met with. 

Interim ICT Management

The best way for 360ICT to show its added value, is by thinking along with you about other matters than ICT. Of course, the technical component is important for 360ICT, but this component operates within the tension field of other disciplines such as human resource management, line management and economic issues.

The added value of 360ICT lies specifically in the field of vision and strategy. Together with you, we translate your wishes, on the basis of organisational insights, in clear language into a technical solution and a higher operating result.

Clear view on ICT