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360 ICT, reliability guaranteed

About 360ict

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The name 360ICT originates from one of the favourite hobbies of the company’s two founders Kay Eeftink and Dennis Pennings: snowboarding . A 360 is a jump during which the snowboarder makes a full turn around his longitudinal axis.

But the name 360 is more than that. It also refers to our vision of ICT. From a high mountain you have the perfect 360-degree view  of the world around you. Our vision is that you can only fully control the world of ICT when you have a 360-degree view of a client’s challenges and wishes.

Service Level Agreements

Because of the necessity of transparency and objectivity, we translate your wishes, if desired, into a Service Level Agreement (SLA). During the selection process, this SLA offers an objective measurement and comparison value. However, when carrying out a job it can be limiting.


360ICT guarantees quality. And we do not just claim this, we also prove it. In order to assess our level of quality, we spend a lot of attention to certification. Would you like to see an up-to-date overview of our certificates? Then please, contact us.

The strength of 360ICT can be found in how we deal with guidelines, SLAs and certification. On the one hand it is a good and objective manner to show that we are a suitable candidate that complies with all your wishes. In practice, we make sure that the agreements that are included in the SLA are fully met. But despite these strict elaborate matters, we continue to work pragmatically and use our common sense. We place ourselves in the practice of the client and carry out our job as if we are one of your employees.